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15 July 2014 | Written by Nicolas Michel

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Dear Nicolas,
I have read your CCIE DC journey and Much appreciated.

I have about 10 years experienced in routing and Switching.

I want to jump into the DC field so do you suggest me to start with CCIE directly without reading CCNA and CCNP ?

Best Regards


It is really a combination of the time you can dedicate to your studies and the experience you have on the different subjects.

I suggest to deeply understand every topic of the blueprint before even taking the written.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Nicolas ,

I read your article on how you prepared for your CCIE DC and the books you read for your preparation, my questions are, 1. did you only read each book once or how many times? and 2. how did you read the books? 3. did you take notes and memorized until the concepts stuck in your head? the reason I am asking this is 4. how does one read all the books you mentioned and still retain and master everything?, my last question is, 5. why is reading important in becoming a good network engineer and passing the lab exam?
your response will be highly valued.

Walter Nakatana

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