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Cisco Expressway Setup

2 October 2014 | Written by Nicolas Michel | Published in Unified Communications

I am currently working on a Cisco Jabber project and my customer main requirement is that every users must be able to place calls in an easy way regardless from their location. Since the BYOD and Mobility are the trends I recommended the Cisco Expressway product line. I won’t go deep on how the expressway is working (this will be part of another blog post/series) but I’d rather share my experience regarding how to install an expressway. First and foremost I would like to say that I  have deployed 2 expressways for other customers and for my own lab and that I had no issue so far :). The problem here is specific to a particular ESXi version. I don’t have vCenter in this environment so the procedure slightly differs and I would heavily recommend to use the following documentation: Cisco Expressway VM deployment guide (8.2) When it comes to finalize the deployment I had this error :

  After a quick lookup I found many issues like that on the internet (always feel good when you are not alone right ? 🙂 ) VMware OVF Deployment KB They basically say that there is maybe an issue with the cert file when it is a multiple of 1024 and it is !!

  The workaround would be to deploy the .ova with the Open Virtualization Format Tool What I did is the following, I used that tool to recreate the OVA template from Cisco.

Let’s check both OVA files to see what it changes:


The certificate is gone from the template and you can see that ESXi can not verify the publisher


As opposed to the original OVA Template


The ESXi is running 4.1 and this issue has not happened on version 5.1 … I guess it was time to upgrade anyway 🙂 

My customer wanted me to open a TAC case to confirm that we could go live using that “hack” and Cisco told us that they are ok with that, obviously.



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