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Cisco Nexus L3 daughter card

14 August 2014 | Written by Nicolas Michel | Published in Data Center

One of my customer had an issue regarding a Nexus 5K and its L3 daughtercard.

Everything was fine on the switch except that no adjacency could be performed with its neighbors.

I gave a quick look at the licensing and all was all right :

Then I checked that some L3 features are Up and running (If you have LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES licensing model activated, it will be displayed “In use” right after you activate an advanced L3 feature like BGP – for more information regarding NX-OS licensing, please refer to Cisco NX-OS Licensing:

So everything is fine but my port is still in a down/down state:

Then I gave a look at the inventory to check the L3 daughter card and was quite surprised about the output

It is very easy to misread this output (especially at 2am) because your eyes can focus on the “L3 Daughter Card” words and in fact you should read : “O2 NON L3 Daughter Card”

The N55-DL2 is the regular L2 card that is bundled with a regular Nexus 5548.

The N55-D160L3 or V2 is needed to allow the L3 ports to go in an up/up state 🙂

Pretty basic stuff but still interesting to remind.



PS: This command is very interesting to check if L3 is globally activated on your N5k

One thought on “Cisco Nexus L3 daughter card

Me (I work for a major Cisco partner in Brazil) and the client’s engineer just mis-read that non L3 daughter card. That’s so frustating. At least we are missing both licensing and L3 daughter card. What a bummer!!

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